25 Nov Non-satirical Response

My first satire piece was published on Mock Mom last month. Although satire is meant to entertain with a purpose, it, along with sarcasm and humor, sometimes hide and hurt feelings. I thought I’d respond here to support my thoughts in a less humorous manner:

As I reflect on her and my apparent interest in this, I need to reflect on priorities of life and how we (as parents) can support and teach human love. I realize my response to her may sound a bit hypocritical, but I am not attempting to show disdain. I am merely pointing out the absurdity and chaos issues like this bring to the forefront of lives. I wouldn’t stop her from entering my home because she has a different viewpoint from me, I welcome diversity. However, if she was rude, unkind, speaking in ill-will, you better believe I would ask her to leave. Hate speech, violence, and oppression will never be welcomed in my house.

This woman, Kim Davis, has been consuming headlines for weeks because of her bias and oppression towards others who have done nothing to her. She seeks to judge individuals she knows nothing about and spreads hate…as do the media that continue to headline her. This is depressing and saddening. She has no right to judge. She has no power. She needs to look in the mirror and reflect on her own actions, morals, and job placement. How can one be a true believer if they are so quick to judge? Even if she wasn’t in a role like this, I believe it should be a priority for any human (and especially those who follow the law of God) to spread love.

Kim Davis was not banned from church for her immoral actions, such as having children out of wedlock, multiple marriages, or ignorance. She can be forgiven and should be removed from the public media. She has become more of a character to the masses, not an individual, but an ideology of hate and disappoint through the eyes of all of those who support love and kindness over selfish validation.

As a mother and a teacher, stories like this continue to disappoint me. How are her actions any different than a teacher refusing to teach a student because of his ethnicity, religion, language, SES, family status, neighborhood, hair cut, clothing, or fingernail color? Can you imagine the media if a teacher refused to let a student into her classroom because he doesn’t’ eat organic food? Or maybe because a student got a tattoo? This would explode.

I know, many of these thoughts are redundant or expressed throughout the internet. Yet, it feels refreshing to write it in my own words. We are humans and the generation of children we are raising, if overexposed to this media, will continue to hate if we don’t show compassion, kindness, love…the Golden Rule.

I wish stories of heroism, strength, and adversity dominated our media…maybe by the time my kids are watching and reading the news, it will be possible. However, I know our tech-obsessed culture is heading the opposite direction. I want my children to be raised and accepted for who they are, not what someone else thinks they should be. I want my children to love others, help others, and be kind to others— in our home we will welcome and teach this behavior.

Stefani is a mother, writer, and educator. She is trying to rear her children with the greatest sense of humor and an open mind. Her writing has been featured on Bonbon Break, The Good Mother Project, Three Line Poetry, Mommy, RN, Mock Mom, and TODAY Parenting.
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