20 Dec Bonbon Break, WaterAid, and Dear Child

This season of the year and this season of our lives (for those with young children) are filled with questions, acts, and requests to give. Bonbon Break put out a call to write about GIVING for the month of December. This request is sponsored by WaterAid America who GIVE and promote water sustainability for health, hygiene, and development.

My response to the writing prompt about giving, “Dear Child, I Will Give,” was published today. You can read it here and spread the gift of giving PRESENCE to our children during all seasons of their lives.

Giving-Top-of-PostImage from Bonbon Break

Stefani is a mother, writer, and educator. She is trying to rear her children with the greatest sense of humor and an open mind. Her writing has been featured on Bonbon Break, The Good Mother Project, Three Line Poetry, Mommy, RN, Mock Mom, and TODAY Parenting.
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