15 Dec 27 Tips to Maintain Your Sanity When Living With Young Children

I want to thank Stefani for letting me guest post on her new blog! I met her when she was coming to my blog for advice on how to start her own blog and I have been following her blog since she started it.

Living with young children is hard. Anyone who has ever had children knows there are stages they go through, they are cuddly and loving one minute and the next minute they are being little brats. We all wonder how other parents maintain their sanity because every other parent seems more in control than we are. We all have our tips and tricks to survive children. Lucky for you I have 27 tips, tricks, and reminders to help you keep your sanity:

  1. Your house will never be spotless again.
  2. I must repeat, your house will never be spotless again. There will always be food or laundry or dishes or toys or anything else to clean up.
  3. You cannot have anything white. I used to want cream carpet, since I had my daughter I am glad that I decided against it. This goes for furniture as well.
  4. Having animals does NOT prepare you to have children.
  5. You can never have enough graham crackers, or whatever snack your child likes.You can never have enough coffee
  6. You can never have enough coffee for you.
  7. You will always have toys visible. No matter how many toy boxes or storage ottomans you buy there will always be toys visible as long as you have kids.
  8. It is OK to let your child fall, it is the only way she will learn to get back up.
  9. Reading is a surprisingly easy way to get a child to calm down.
  10. You can breastfeed, make your own baby food, and feed your child all organic food if you want, but they will still want hot dogs and chicken nuggets, and that’s OK.
  11. Kids don’t care how much you spent on sheets, clothes, or anything else, so just get the cheap stuff and save some money.
  12. This goes for toys as well, don’t go overboard, because there will be more toys to hide (see #7), and they will just want to play with the box…the cat’s toys.
  13. It’s OK for your child to go around your house with no pants or socks on, chances are they will take them off anyway. Don't cry over spilled milk
  14. Don’t cry over spilled milk, seriously because it will happen a lot, and it’s not always milk.
  15. Kids will throw tantrums, and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. Just let them throw a fit, and if it helps you get through it, laugh.
  16. Toddlers can be mean. Sometimes she won’t want you and she will want dad or grandma, or she won’t give you kisses. It’s OK—don’t take it personally.
  17. There will be other times when she only wants you and you will just want her to go to someone else, but cherish the moment because it will be gone before you know it.
  18. Don’t compare your kid to other kids. Every kid is different and will progress differently.
  19. Just because it works today, doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow. Same goes for food, just because she likes it today, doesn’t mean she will like it tomorrow.
  20. “Spill-proof” doesn’t always work. If your toddler shakes it, it might sprinkle a little, she could also just suck on the sippy cup and spit it out.
  21. You will wonder how your kid is eating enough if so much food is on the floor, but she is, I promise.
  22. You will call the doctor with crazy questions, it’s OK, that’s why they are there.
  23. If you need help, advice, or just to vent because your baby is crying for no reason for the 100th time today, that’s OK too. Call a friend or a family member if you need, or just take a break from the baby.A glass of wine
  24. Follow your instincts, you know your child better than anyone. .
  25. Take a lot of pictures because everything changes so fast
  26. Laugh a lot, it really does help.
  27. At the end of the day, a glass of wine before bed can make everything better.


Having kids can be hard. I have even found myself wondering how I managed to make it through the day. Just keep in mind when you are raising your children that your goal is to get them to adulthood alive.

What are your tips for maintaining your sanity while raising your children?

Cassie is a work at home wife and mom and nurse. She is a blogger at Mommy, RN, where she shares her pediatric, labor and delivery, and women’s health nursing knowledge, along with her parenting experiences. She aims to help parents whenever possible, while also showing that not even nurses have all the answers.
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